About our horses

We have known many of our horses from an early age. All of our horses to be sold enjoy a gentle, careful, and long-term education. The focus lies on quality instead of quantity which can be seen in the sustainable success of our horses.

Decades of experience in training horses and the attention to personality, rideability, and athleticism make us to a first-class contact in terms of purchasing horses.

This is why we always know which horse fits best for a certain customer to not leave any wishes unfulfilled. Offering first-class horses of different training levels we have the possibility of finding the perfect counterpart of every ambitious rider.

Keeping the horses in their natural environment

Our horses are not only reliable partners until they leave our stud for caring and encouraging hands but they are also a part of us. Every single horse is close to our heart and this is why we pay special attention to offer enough time in the fields, movement, and diversity. This way we can make sure that we lead a horse welfare and individual sale stud. Every horse has its individual person taking care of it as if it was his own. Therefore, we are looking for the new owners to offer the horses the best possible way of care as well as a outstanding husbandry.

Successful purchase of a horse

Purchasing a horse is a matter of trust. The constant success of new owners with our horses show that we are the right contact. We could not do our customers justice if we simply came up with a list. In additional, the list of success would be very long. Customers who address themselves back to Gestüt Nymphenburg after finishing a long and difficult search for the perfect horse simply shows that they do trust in us and our excellence.

Individual needs when purchasing a horse

Horse and rider are a unique combination. For every customer’s needs there is only a small group of horses which fulfill these requirements even thour we can offer a broad range of horses. Individual needs make it so fascinating of finding the perfect horse. With us you can take the time you need to get to know the horse. This is why we do not think of online advertisement. Our horses are something special – just like our customers!

Are you interested in one of our horses?

You are very welcome to get in touch with us if you are looking for the right horse. We are ready to offer you help and advice in order to find the perfect horse for your requirements.

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