Entitlement & Philosophy

Heading North

From the South to the North – just for the horses.
Gestüt Nymphenburg sounds Bavarian and has a Bavarian origin. Still, the owners von Fircks moved geographically with the horses from the Lake Starnberg to the Zwischenahner Lake in Lower Saxony. A consistent step as Johanna von Fircks’ managed horse training up to Grand Prix level and the breeding passion of her father Helmut Freiherr von Fircks were meant to be brought together. Gestüt Nymphenburg is the best place for it with Klaus Dirks’ riding facilities.

Quality instead of Quantity

A clear statement to quality instead of quantity and elaborated horse-friendly facilities add the special note to Gestüt Nymphenburg. It is not important to achieve fast results but to achieve long-term goals. The focus lies on the best possible breeding of highly promising colts with the perspective of licensing. Furthermore, the careful and fair support of young talents under the saddle is important. You are very welcome to convince yourself of it!

Park Scenery of the Ammerland Region

Gestüt Nymphenburg is located at around 20 km from Oldenburg close to the famous spa town Bad Zwischenahn. The picturesque scenery of the Ammerland region is well-known for its rich grounds and a nearly maritime climate. These are ideal prerequisites for horse husbandry.

The name “Nymphenburg”

Nymphenburg Palace (from 1664 on) in Munich which was the summer residence for the Wittelsbacher is known for his unique composition of construction and park. It is said to be one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. The office of a worldwide operating communications agency of Helmut Freiherr von Fircks are very close to this palace in the Nymphenburger Straße in Munich. That is how the name of the stud was born.