Performance & Service


With Trust

Our stud includes many hectares of lush pastures solidly enclosed. Daily handling with our young stallions is not only for control but also for developing trust – also long before their actual training starts.

Careful and solid Training

Working on the lunge, dressage, free jumping or just hacking through the countryside – at Stable Nymphenburg all options for training horses in various ways are open. For those of you who want to know exactly, a large indoor, an indoor lunging circle surrounded by a walker, a treadmill, a generously dimensioned sand as well as a grass ring and an approximately five kilometre long sand track through an adjacent woods are at our disposal.

Keeping horses in a natural environment

The stable area with its historical building substance is very typical for the farms in Ammerland and is surrounded by magnificent old trees that provide shade in the summer. The most modern means for keeping horses in a natural environment such as paddocks and nets for wind protection are employed.